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Matt's script writing, audio and stage direction for


includes the following stage shows;


Big Belly Bop! (Big Belly Burger Diner, Metropolis, April 2021)

DC: The Penguin Announces The Iceberg Lounge (Gotham City, Oct 2021)

DC: Scarecrow's Revenge (Gotham City, Oct 2021)

DC: Harley Quinn and The Joker Festive Greeting (Gotham City, Dec 2021)

DC: Revenge (Gotham City, Jan 2022)

DC: Green Lanterns In Training (Metropolis, April 2022)

DC: World's Finest Heroes (Metropolis, June 2022)

Super Looney Dance Party! (Cartoon Junction, June 2022)

Daffy's Spooky Dance Party! (Cartoon Junction, Oct 2022)

Daffy's Holiday Dance Party! (Cartoon Junction, Dec 2022)

DC: Gotham City's Most Wanted (Gotham City, Oct 2022)

DC: Gotham City Sirens (Gotham City, Oct 2022)

Lights, Camera, Action! A WB100th Anniversary Celebration! (Warner Bros. Plaza, April 2023)

DC: Meet The Flash! (Metropolis, June 2023)

DC: Meet Aquaman and Mera (Metropolis, June 2023)

DC: Meet Batman and Robin (Gotham City, June 2023)

Tom and Jerry Takeover! (Warner Bros. Plaza, Sept 2023)

Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Inc. Gang! (Warner Bros. Plaza, Oct 2023)

DC: Riddle Me This? (Gotham City, Oct 2023)

Lunar New Year Celebration! (Warner Bros. Plaza, Feb 2024)

DC: The Showdown (Gotham City, Upcoming 2024)

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